Accessories and Options

  • Reclosable or Resealable Inside Ziplock

    Reclosable or redealable inside ziplock as packaging pouch features and options, they are produced with a plastic track with two plastic components, which interlock for reclosability in a pouch.
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  • Pull Tab Ziplock or Pocket Zipper

    Pull Tab Ziplock or Pocket Zipper as pouch features and options. They are usually used for storing and packaging coffee or tea, which easy to tear and keep the flat bottom pouch’s shape more beautiful and more three-dimensional.
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  • Degassing or Aroma Valve

    Degassing or aroma valves adhere to the polyethylene(PE) interior of the package via heat seal or ultrasonic seal for application at high speeds.
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  • Bag-in-Box Tap or Valve

    The Bag-in-Box tap combines elegance, practicality, security, and adding value to the BIB package through its unique design.
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  • Clear Windows

    Clear windows are in a pouch for the transparent part of packaging.
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  • Tear Notches

    Tear notches are in a portion of the pouch which can be used in a variety of pouch applications. They are pre-cut to coax the consumer initiate the tear-off action immediately. One can use tear notch to easily and quickly open the pouch just by hand. ​
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  • Euro or Round Punch Holes and Hangers

    Handles and Holes are designed in different styles and sized to add value and boost consumer convenience so that can use it for better carrying and handling of the pouch.
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  • Rounded Corners

    Rounded corners can be used to make any sharp corners on pouches round so that to prevent the sharp corners from inflicting injuries while handing them.
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  • Plastic Apple Shaped Kids Safety Spout

    Apple shaped spouts are innovative and convenient spout for baby liquid food, which have a nozzle and large cap on the top of the liquid pouches, and its large cap can keep kids safe.
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  • Other Plastic Spout and Cap

    Plastic spouts are used on the top of pouches, which have a nozzle and cap. Spout pouches provide easy to pour and fill application of the fruit juices, sauces or cleaning agents.
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  • Tin Tie

    Tin-tie is attached to the top of the pouch, is used for reclosure, and more often used as a retail take away bag or for short term storage.
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